michi mohr



what to say...   just someone who loves surfing, travelling, remote surfspots off the beaten track and most of all solid waves & take some footage along the way


after having travelled and surfed heaps of places round the globe already I found my love for Europe again on some recent trips and decided to go for the RV, set it up properly, break out of our so called "safe world" and follow good, uncrowded waves as well as amazing landscapes and people throughout this amazing continent. And to be fair, the Atlantic Ocean cranks up the biggest storms and most serious swells there are - so why go far?


Kudos to Light Board Corp., Rusty & CSkins Wetsuits for looking after me for ages, guys are legends



Also Birgar Olsen and Andy Fox for some of the footage and for being the creative & mad c...ts they are   http://birgarolsen.com   http://www.andy-fox.de